All datasets are produced in-house under very rigorous quality control specifications during all production stages
We collect and process data from various sources: The Greek Statistical Service, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Finance, local authorities, aerial imagery, orthophotos etc. What's more, we collect a lot of information through on-the-spot surveys, in order to guarantee correct data.
Our digital maps are regularly updated, achieving more and more positional accuracy, whereas the databases attached to the maps are constantly enriched with more attributes.
Datasets covering all Greece come from 1:200,000 maps, whereas detailed city maps are based on high accuracy 1:5,000 scale maps. Additionally, the datasets are enriched using recent digital orthophotographs.
The projection system in which our datasets are maintained, is the Greek National Grid '87 (called EGSA '87). However, there is also an international version in WGS84 with lat/long references..
Our digital datasets are available in the following formats: ARC/INFO Export Format (.E00) ArcView Shapefile (.SHP) MapInfo Export Format (.MID/.MIF) AutoCAD Export Format (.DXF)
The blocks layer, which is separate for each city, already contains statistics such as population, households and dwellings for each block, based on Census 2001 data. Nonetheless, all blocks carry their Census code, so it is very easy to attach information from other sources based on this key.
For the urban areas of Athens, Thessaloniki, and all major cities (more than 600 cities in total), apart from the road network, traffic flow indication (oneway streets), as well as number of lanes for each direction, road junctions and road classification are available (click here for a detailed list). As a result, our datasets may be used as an ideal component for car navigation and routing within the city.
Using digital maps with GIS software, addresses can easily be located on the map, thus getting geographic reference. GEODATA does not only provide suitable and accurate digital maps for exact geocoding, but has gained proved expertise in processing address lists, as well. During the last five years, we have succesfully coped with extensive address files owned by many organizations for the metropolitan areas of Athens and Thessaloniki. Our customers entrust us with their customers' list and very soon they obtain a geocoded file of addresses. The matching score exceeds 85%, which is considered exceptionally high.
In order to view and analyse our maps to the full potential, any major GIS package can be used, such as ArcView GIS, MapInfo, ArcGIS, Geomedia.