AutoDrive Hellas is the navigable digital map of nationwide coverage of GEODATA to the navigation devices of Garmin. It is the result of the company’s collaboration with Digital Tracer Electronics, under the auspices and guidance of Garmin.

Its production began in March 2007, and with the intensive and methodical work of GEODATA, as well as the valuable and active contribution of the data user community, it soon evolved into one of the most reliable navigation maps in Greece.

Today, AutoDrive Hellas stands out significantly from the rest of the maps in the same category, for the following reasons:

  • It is the richest tool, as it includes:
    • full details of addresses and traffic regulations for the wider area of ​​Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and the major cities of the country,
    • street names of more than 300 additional cities,
    • 412,000 navigable kilometers of road network and 13,500 settlements,
    • complete paved and dirt road network, for the whole country,
    • Lane Assist information,
    • 41,000 place names (eg mountain peaks, ports, bays, etc.) and the entire hydrographic network (rivers, lakes, springs),
    • in total, more than 110,000 POIs
  • It is the most functional tool, as the search for addresses is done in the following alternative ways:
    • by city name, either with the official name or with the unofficial one, and often better known (eg “Leontari” or “Kantza”, “Paralia Kalivion Thorikou” or “Lagonisi”),
    • by the neighborhood name (“Athens”, but also “Exarchia”, “Peristeri” but also “Burnazi” etc.). In fact, in many cases there is a 2nd level of neighborhood (eg “Athens” -> “Ampelokipi” -> “Koundouriotika”)
  • It is the most up-to-date, as updates are made quarterly, and the map is immediately updated on all major changes, such as the closure of Tempi, the opening of parts of Egnatia and the Corinth-Kalamata axis, traffic regulations in Thessaloniki due to Metro works, etc. Of course, the contribution of data users is important, as they systematically submit feedback reports.