The steady growth of Real Estate, in both urban and tourist areas has shown the need to find ways to search for real estate with a variety of criteria.

Our company is a pioneer in providing geospatial data to Real Estate companies and our main goal is to improve the search engines for both companies and individuals.

There are many factors to consider when finding the best location for a property. Some of them are provided as geographic data, such us:

  • the limits of objective values,
  • the boundaries of postal codes,
  • neighborhood boundaries,
  • the boundaries of building factors,
  • access to urban rail transport stations, e.g. subway, suburban, tram,
  • distance from coastal zones,
  • proximity to health units,
  • access to exits from the city,
  • areas where the population suits certain criteria,
  • neighborhoods with predominantly rental properties,
  • geographical relief (eg hilly areas),
  • flood risk and more.

Contact us if you want to develop an application tailored to your needs that contains all of the above information or other fields that work for you.